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BB.GG 3D Simple Style Silk Dress

The 3D simple style dress is made with silk and nylon. The special quality fabric is elegant, and is magic to fit in large size while looking slim.  With a...

BB.GG Elegant Stylish Silk Dress

The elegant stylish dress, made with silk and polyester, is of quality fabric. The simple large flower pattern design looks like a work of art, and not just a dress. ...

BB.GG Girly Fresh Style Silk Dress

The Girly fresh style dress, made with silk. The quality fabric is elegant enough, but the design of the collar makes it look cute and young.  Suitable for daily or...

BB.GG limited edition 3D Design Gorgeous Silk Party Dress

The limited edition 3D design party dress is made with silk fabric.  It is a gorgeous noble dress, make you look slimming and shining at the party. - 100% Silk...

BB.GG Cute Oversize Bubble Cotton Dress

The cute oversize bubble cotton dress matches a hot style "lazy girl slipper" or a puller with runner, making you forever 18-years old. - 100% cotton - Made in China...

BB.GG V-neck Set dress

The V-neck set dress, comfortable texture, just dress up litter bit for a dine together, or some case you need to dress appropriately, but not too fancy. Detail:Fabric: wool50% cotton40%...

BB.GG wool black & white patchwork dress

The close neck wool black & white patchwork Dress, tighter waist natural elastic designed, black & white looks classy but youthfulness.Detail:Fabric: wool80% cotton20% Made in HK China Clean: washable gently...

BB.GG tight waist trendy dress

The round neck asymmetrical designs, tight waist trendy dress good texture dimensional cutting looks lovely. Detail: Material wool 80%, Polyester20%. Lining polyester100% Made is HK China Clean: washable gently in...
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